Dye Hair With Coffee, Tea or Spices

  • Tea ball (optional)
  • Applicator bottles
  • Non-metal pots
  • Sauce pan
  • Colorants: coffee, tea and/or spices
  • Water

Purchase applicator bottles at beauty supply stores to apply the dye.

Prepare the mixtures in non-metal pots so that the color is not affected by the metal.

Mix natural dyes when you are ready to use them. They should be used within one day. Place roots or flowers in a teabag or tea ball before adding to water.

Darken dark brown and black hair with strong coffee, black tea or a tea made from walnut shells, cherry bark or cloves. Simmer in water for 20 minutes and apply as a final rinse.

Add yellow highlights with tea made from chamomile, ginger or safflower.

Enhance reddish tones with paprika, rosehips or cloves. Make a tea out of the spice, sieve the liquid, allow to cool, and apply to hair.

Create bright highlights in light hair with rhubarb root and water. Simmer for one hour, cool, filter and use as a rinse. For a warmer tone, substitute red wine for the water.

Cover gray hair by mixing a half cup each dried sage and dried rosemary in two cups of hot water. Apply once a week until you reach the desired shade.

Mix three tablespoons black tea, three tablespoons sage, and a pot of freshly boiled water to darken gray hair.